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Sometimes it feels as if I am managing a small company

He is only 24 years old. But in spite of his age, the site manager has already completed a whole process. After some intensive, instructive internships in the construction world, he finally found his way in the civil construction at Stadsbader’s. And if it depends on Korneel, the function of site manager is definitely not his final station. Here is one of the young, driven starters of  Stadsbader speaking.

“My history with Stadsbader started in 2017 with an internship of 1 month. At the beginning I had to find my way , but it was the ideal start, in my opinion thanks to the many colleagues and numerous segments you get to know in this way. This is also the case of civil construction that was completely in line with the vision I had from the beginning to walk a challenging path.”

A man of many talents

“Today, as site manager in civil construction, I am responsible for a smooth realisation and planning of special concrete constructions such as bridges, tunnels, quays and so on. That means that in the early morning I check the day planning together with the team on the site, so that every colleague exactly knows what the company expects from him or her. Besides, I take care that all the working material is available so that they can carry out their task correctly.  Checking the mail correspondence is not an unimportant task either, since through this channel the preparations and planning are distributed among the site managers. And this is necessary, since you are mostly not the only one working as the site. For example, it is possible that a bridge is placed and at the same time a public road is made. Naturally there are always unexpected problems that arise and that were not foreseen in the planning, but the fact that not everything is always obvious makes the job quite exciting.”

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"It is my task to control and coach the team, and to take care that my collaborators are feeling well"

“I sometimes have really the feeling that I am running a small company. It is my task to control and coach the team, and to take care that my collaborators are feeling well and simultaneously to be a listening ear for them. Communications skills and a good attitude are two important factors, which also applies to the periodic meetings with external parties such as a public authority or a subcontractor. These are not skills one just learns, at the contrary, they must be inherent, and this fact makes the job of site manager quite special .”

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More than worth

“Indeed, it is hard work, but if you consider everything you get in return, such as the many new contracts, a casual chat with peer site managers after the weekly meeting, the responsibility and the growth opportunities as well as the fantastic feeling to see the project grow from zero, I think is it more than worth!”

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