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An average day does not exist. And that is exactly what makes our job so interesting and exciting!

The hands of God. Our boys of the workshop are often described in this way. Track down failures, revision and repair of all types of construction material. They accept every challenge at any time of the day. There is not a reparation that is not possible. And all this with a very diverse and big machinery, an incredible story indeed.

As service technician Thore Doornaert, together with his colleagues, is part of this story. A quite young, but loyal collaborator, many years working for the company and with passion for big, not common machines. Repair a tire loader, crusher, crane or concrete plant? Right up his alley.

Diversity, a central item

“I like the variety this job offers me. Even if every day has its own rituals, all days are different. That is why I see my job as a challenge, since there is not an average day. We cannot know in advance when a machine will stop working. There is a lot of labour material, but not a crystal ball”, Thore is laughing. “When I started  in 2009 to search another job, I wanted to find besides job security in a stable company also diversity in my job. In Stadsbader this is perfectly the case: for three years I could gather experience on the field, and I got to know the most diverse machines on many sites in Belgium. The nice thing of this job was to experience the different phases of the construction process at close range. Moreover, there often were very impressing realisations.”

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A strong team spirit is essential

“Now I am part of an enthusiastic team of service technicians on the site in Harelbeke. Stadsbader is strong in gathering people with different personalities and still the same interests. That is why many colleagues are friends and sometimes meet outside after work.  A strong team spirit is essential in our sector; also, but above all, there is a direct link with safety. Knowing that we can rely on each other in case of risky repair works, is a good feeling .”

“For what do I do this work every day? For the smile after work, the heartfelt thank you, and the nice feeling when a machine is again completely operational and ready for transport to the site!”

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