Testimonial Youssef

Testimony of Youssef

The feeling of being sincerely appreciated makes one feel blessed

Who doesn't know them: the gigantic high tower cranes on construction sites that we can spot even at great distances - as the description may already suggest. Even the coolest man becomes remarkably quiet whenever he sees such a colossal structure up close. There is no doubt that you must have quite some courage and daring as a tower crane operator. Nevertheless, the height does not seem to scare Youssef Gedey. On the contrary. As a result of his tough youth which was only characterised by being on the run and looking for shelter all the time, Youssef developed a strong personality.

But first things first. Struck by the many setbacks in his childhood, Youssef found happiness in Belgium with a foster family in Limburg. A small ray of hope giving him the necessary strength to persevere. With success, since he quickly made considerable progress in the Dutch language lessons. Youssef also successfully completed a training as a mason and form setter. Love also decided to lend a hand, he won the heart of a West-Flemish beauty. After moving to the other side of Belgium, it was Stadsbader who noticed the talented, hard worker and took them under his wing. The future looks bright for him.

Opportunities to grow

“The feeling of being sincerely appreciated makes one feel blessed. Within the company, personal interests are closely taken into account and numerous opportunities to develop and progress are offered, regardless of the origin. The training for tower crane operators in 2013 is concrete evidence thereof. It is certainly an exciting job. Placing slabs, supplying stones on the scaffolding, installing in-situ concrete. Anything you can think of. It may entail some healthy stress maintaining a safe environment you have to monitor at all times, but the great atmosphere among fellow workers, the open contact with the site managers, employment nearby and a good pay make all the efforts worthwhile.”

“What do I often think back to? Well, you can compare it to a midwife who will never forget the first born baby, such an event is fixed on the retina forever. My first project - Westoever in Harelbeke - which I contributed to, will always remain such a special event to me. "

Testimony of Youssef

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