Site transport on the water eliminates 2,500 trucks from the road

Site transport on the water eliminates 2,500 trucks from the road

On Tech Lane Ghent there is a lot of construction activity: the POM Oost-Vlaanderen has started the construction of Fabriek Logistiek, and ALINSO GROUP, private partner in Eiland Zwijnaarde, intends to build a logistic hub, named  ‘WATERFRONT’. To limit possible obstacles during the first phase of the works caused by freight traffic, the biggest part of the delivery is done on the water. Only for the filling works, almost 2,500 truck transports are avoided.

ALINSO GROUP and the Province Authorities of Eastern Flanders are doing their utmost to develop the Eiland Zwijnaarde / Tech Lane Ghent in a sustainable way. “We wish to focus on the advantages of this unique location, that is to say the excellent disclosure, completely surrounded by water and green. We are proud to be able to realise this project in full harmony with the environment.” Ivan Lokere, CEO ALINSO GROUP.

POM, ALINSO GROUP and Stadsbader focus on construction logistics via the waterway

Tech Lane Ghent borders on the river Schelde and all opportunities to use this waterway are present. Therefore the principals POM and ALINSO GROUP, together with the constructor Stadsbader, responsible for the filling works of the premises, choose to carry out the supply of ground through the waterway.

The branches of Stadsbader are situated on strategic locations next to rivers and traffic junctions. This reduces the transport distances, and in this way it is possible to supply through the inland waterways. Each year hundreds of thousands of tons are supplied in this way.

For the transport related with the filling works, Stadsbader was searching as well for a balance between the budgetary and the ecological aspect. At the end of this week the first 12 (of a total of 25) ships will already have supplied their load of ground.

Climate-neutral Eastern Flanders as a premium region

“Since the ambition of the Province of Eastern Flanders consists in becoming completely climate-neutral applying, amongst others, a traffic switching to the inland navigation, it is evident that the POM for its own projects also makes maximum use of the waterway”, says Kurt Moens, President of the POM. The POM wishes to play a pioneer role in the realisation of innovative and sustainable logistics and to support in this way the expansion of Eastern Flanders into a sustainable logistic premium region. To realise this, the POM is building a logistical test and training centre where companies, with own staff and goods, can test and compare existing and new concepts of warehousing in a realistic environment and for a complete process flow. Furthermore, an external trainer guarantees that they can dispose of competent logistical staff.


Real estate developer and investor Alinso Group is the developer and the owner of the first building on Tech Lane Ghent: a cross dock centre of 9,000 m² that was opened in 2018 by the logistical world group Mainfreight. Alinso Group, a subsidiary of Domo Investment Group, is a real estate developer mainly active in the development and the administration of corporate housing and business parks, both in Belgium and abroad.