Testimonial Yvonne

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At Stadsbader’s also women get all possible chances to develop themselves on the field

Once full of passion for fashion design. Now together with her brother Albert a passionate low loader driver who transport at night big machines to the site Stadsbader. Often as special transport and in the most diverse places. Make the acquaintance of Yvonne Arno.

Forget 2-in-1. Our low loader drivers are 3-in-1. In the first place, hard workers and go-getters, only satisfied when the diverse constructions machines are transported to the right place and are unloaded with the greatest care. Every day, of for the tens of building sites of Stadsbader. But they are also real specialists with great knowledge, both in loading methods of the freight and in the Belgian road network, to supply the operators in due time with the required material.  

Colleagues are second family

What drives them exactly? “As a team of low loader drivers, together with competent collaborators of the 24/7-service? We solve problems and we help each other in all circumstances. Colleagues are often compared with a second family, a happy feeling that I may experience every day. But if there is one thing I am really proud of, is to work for a company that never has had any problem to offer me, as a woman, in a real world of men, all possible chances on the field.”

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Talent prevails above age and gender

In the beginning Yvonne wanted a career in the fashion world, but soon she was disappointed. “It is   a very hard sector where only a few are really successful”, she explains. “Besides it takes ages before one can make a living of it. And naturally one must have an income. Upon recommendation of my brother, who was working as a truck driver for Stadsbader, I decided to walk this pad as well. After a difficult training as a truck driver, the agony had not finished at all, at the contrary. For women it is not easy to find work in this sector. Until I was invited for a conversation at  Stadsbader’s. Not so much because my brother was working here, but above all because the management appreciates the talent of the collaborators instead of age and gender. And this can be seen in the whole company: the team does not treat me different than my male colleagues.”

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