Speaking testimonials of our enthusiastic collaborators. Discover their experience working for Stadsbader.

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Service technician

The hands of God. Our boys of the workshop are often described in this way. Track down failures, revision and repair of all types of construction material. They accept every challenge at any time of the day. There is not a reparation that is not possible. And all this with a very diverse and big machinery, an incredible story indeed.

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Low loader driver 

Once full of passion for fashion design. Now together with her brother Albert a passionate low loader driver who transport at night big machines to the site Stadsbader. Often as special transport and in the most diverse places. Make the acquaintance of Yvonne Arno.

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Site manager

He is only 24 years old. But in spite of his age, the site manager has already completed a whole process. After some intensive, instructive internships in the construction world, he finally found his way in the civil construction at Stadsbader’s. And if it depends on Korneel, the function of site manager is definitely not his final station. Here is one of the young, driven starters of  Stadsbader speaking.

Testimony of Youssef


Tower crane operator

Who doesn't know them: the gigantic high tower cranes on construction sites that we can spot even at great distances - as the description may already suggest. Even the coolest man becomes remarkably quiet whenever he sees such a colossal structure up close. There is no doubt that you must have quite some courage and daring as a tower crane operator.